Year 2022 is closed and now is the right time to pamper yourself, clean all the negative energy and release the stress that might came with the holiday season. Let’s get detox!

Okay, you hear detox and you might roll your eyes and be like, another detox treatment. But let’s talk about, what exactly detox is. Detoxification, or cleansing of the body, is a natural process that constantly takes place in our body. During detoxification, our organism gets rid of harmful substances – toxins, which settle in the body, especially in the intestines, and can lead, for example, to water retention, overacidification of the organism and the accumulation of parasites in the intestines.

Do you feel tired, do you need to reveal stress? Then a detox treatment could be right for you. Now in a limited special offer.



3x seaweed body wrap with essencial oil + 10 days home care by Activ Detox

Price: 239 € (price without promotion is 239 €)

Promotion is valid till 12.2.2023


Seaweed body wrap with essential oils is a 55 minutes long treatment, the classic thalassotherapy body wrap with patented algae cream, 100% pure and natural, rich in minerals, essential vitamins and trace elements.

PROS of Seaweed body wrap:

  • General revitalization.
  • The body is hence prepared for a slimming cure.
  • The body is ready to face the daily stress.

Seaweed body wrap treatment is done in between 7-10 days to get the best results.

10 days home care by Activ detox

Activ Detox contains 100% natural-origin active ingredients – fucus brown algae and a complex of organic plants* –

PROS of Activ Detox:

  • Help you recover a sense of well-being and lightness
  • Fennel and artichoke extracts encourage detoxification of the body by helping to drain and eliminate toxins
  • Fucus brown algae helps to promote weight loss.


Activ Detox is recommended before starting an intensive slimming or beauty programme, or before a change of season:
*by triggering the elimination and weight loss processes, Activ Detox prepares the body for most slimming programmes;
*by purifying the body to help restore a radiant complexion, Activ Detox also helps in preparation for a course of beauty treatments.

Activ Detox is an intensive course of treatment to be used at each change of season and whenever the need arises.

1 vial per day to be diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice, as a 10 day course.

We are available for your reservations and other questions via our Facebook page – Livia Kova Beauty, Instagram or by phone at +32 2 280 43 29.

See you soon Livia Kova!


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